OriCiro Research Service

Maximum 200kb circular DNA can be amplified
Removes the bottlenecks of conventional E. coli cloning and unleashes the potential of synthetic biology

OriCiro Cell-Free Cloning System is an innovative tool enabling cell-free assembly and amplification of circular DNA molecules without E. coli transformation and culture. This product can not only streamline your workflow dramatically but also widen the scope of your genetic engineering techniques.



  • Up to 50 DNA fragments can be assembled

  • -200kb DNA fragment can be assembled as a circular DNA having oriC.

  • -200kb circular DNA can be amplified

  • 10ug and more circular DNA can be delivered

  • Up to 10,000 times more accurate amplification than PCR (Taq polymerase)



  • Amplification of long DNA (up to 200kb) and sequences difficult to amplify by PCR

  • Efficient cloning of any DNA sequence including cytotoxic and repeat GC-rich

  • Making a library of Plasmid DNA for transfection

  • Phage/Virus genome production

  • DNA repair templates for gene editing in T cells therapy



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