Build and Clone in hours


OriCiro Cell-Free Cloning System

Starter kit that includes assembly reaction, amplification reaction, oriC cassette and Control fragment 

Enable assemble and amplify multiple fragments, or to introduce OriC sequences into your circular DNA that has already been amplified using E. coli

  • Multiple fragments can be assembled and amplified up to 50 kb circular DNA

  • Efficient amplification of repeat sequence , GC rich and AT rich sequence

  • Up to 1 µg of DNA per 10 µL reaction

  • 10,000 times more accurate amplification vs PCR (Taq polymerase)


Contents & storage


Transfection-ready DNA


in hours

  • OriCiro Amp Kit contains more than 20 kinds of purified enzymes that are essential for the E. coli chromosome replication cycle.

  • This Kit enables to amplify exponentially circular DNA having OriC cassette in an isothermal condition even from a single template molecule build by Switching System or Cloning System

  • Up to 1 μg circular DNA can be yielded as supercoiled form per 10 μl reaction

OriCiro Amp Kit

Amplification-only kit. of circular DNA confirmed by OriCiro Cell-Free Cloning system

  • Up to 50 kb of circular DNA containing OriC sequence can be amplified

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Contents & storage