5 kit of OriCiro™ Cell-free Cloning Kit

- Assembly 25 Reaction

- Amplification 50 Reaction


Yeild : 30〜45μg/500μL by 50 amplification reaction.



As a result of using this program for your own research purpose. Commercial license agreement is required when moving to the following stages.

  • Preclinical (animal) study and/or further studies in drug development

  • Use as a part of manufacturing material and /or it’s process

  • Using OriCiro cell-free reagent as a raw material and/or in the manufacturing process.

  • DNA and cell lines (yeast, phage and microbiome) has created by OriCiro cell-free technology out-licensing to a third-party customer

Exclusion of this program

  • Transfer and distribution of OriCiro cell-free reagents

  • Providing business to third parties using OriCiro cell-free reagents (CRO business, etc.)

OriCiro Cell-free PASS - 5kit package

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