to enzymatic plasmid DNA amplification


Simply mix your 

plasmid DNA

into the tube reaction

Switching system provides you to switch the plasmid DNA amplification from using living cells to cell-free system. 

SS OriC Cassettes can be inserted by a two-step isothermal enzymatic reaction toenable cell-free amplification


Open circular DNA


・Skip primer design, Just putting your plasmid into the tube
・Applicable to pUC-, pET- and pGEM-based vectors of 4-13 kb
・Endotoxin free
・No need to make glycerol stock
・Achieve up to 1 µg supercoiled DNA per 10 µL reaction

The art of SS OriC Cassettes

SS OriC Cassette was inserted into plasmid DNA using
Cell-Free Switching System, and it was amplified cell-free.

4 kb : pUC-based vector with 4K size
7 kb : pET-based vector with 1.8K genes inserted
13 kb: OriCiro's original circular DNA

- :Plasmid DNA before Switching System reaction
+: Plasmid DNA after Switching System reaction



Check your vector

SS OriC Cassettes, which have overlapping ends to the target site commonly present in pUC, pET and pGEM based plasmids.


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